Culture And Traditions Intact In Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards

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Hindu Wedding ceremony also known as Vivaha in Sanskrit, is their traditional wedding ceremony. Generally, Hindu weddings are quite vibrant and colourful, and the ceremony lasts for almost a week. Both the groom’s and bride’s houses are decorated with flowers, balloons, colourful clothes and also with many other decorative items during the ceremony days.

They have both different pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals and both the groom and the bride’s family have to maintain all the rituals correctly to complete the wedding in a peaceful manner. But the rituals vary from region to region. Taking blessing by the new couple from the elderly persons in the family is a very important ritual in Hindu weddings so that they have a beautiful and peaceful married life.

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Not only in a Hindu wedding, in India no wedding is considered to be complete till both the bride and groom perform seven steps and vows in the presence of the holy fire ritual. These are the two most important rituals of any wedding in India.

Sending invitation cards to family members and friends for inviting them to the wedding ceremony is the most important task before a wedding ceremony. Designing the card is quite important and if you are a person who wants uniquely designed invitation cards, you will be definitely in a dilemma to choose a design from numerous designs available in the market. The symbol of a peacock is quite a common choice while designing a wedding card but if you want something different, you have to go through several designs before choosing a particular one.

Hindu wedding card designs are quite traditional but colourful as well because maintaining the traditions while designing the card is very important. Invitation cards in India have to be a bit traditional because we have to send the cards to the elderly persons as well and if we do not maintain the tradition that means we do not respect our elderly persons and their beliefs and rituals.

Popular And Unique Hindu Wedding Card Designs

Give attention while making the invitation card because we have to give this card to invite our guests and also it helps them to understand the theme of the wedding and also the time, date and venue as well.

1. Choose Highly Decorative Invitation Cards: If you are making your cards according to Hindu wedding designs, choosing ornate patterns on the invitation cards can be a good option. This will not add an ethnic look to your card but also make the card look gorgeous.

2. Using Intricate Designs: Nowadays using the logos of horses, peacocks, camels on the invitation cards are in trend now. It is always recommended to choose bright and vibrant colours for your card, this stands apart from other cards.

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3. Use of Musical Instruments: Using musical instruments as a design element of an invitation card is quite a trend nowadays. Indian society gives quite respect to music. Using instruments as a design element in your invitation card will make your guests awe.

4. Use of Spiritual Symbols: Spirituality in India is considered to be one of the most important aspects. Many wedding cards in India try to incorporate Spiritual symbols in their invitation cards like Lord Ganesha, Shree and even some conch symbols. This not only makes the card auspicious but also gives a traditional touch.

Check carefully the scripts that are written on the invitation card. Devanagari Script is one of the most common scripts that is used in writing the card.

5. Caricature Cards. Nowadays using caricature is also in trend now. Here people use the picture of the bride and a groom, and they invite in a fun manner to make it quite light and unique. You can try these cards as well to make your card in a traditional but yet fun manner.

These are some ideas that you can try during making a Hindu wedding card. These ideas are quite unique and also it will make your card stand out from others and make sure to give a thorough inspection before finalising your card because invitation cards are sent for inviting people to your wedding ceremony.

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